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By tripod1159, Mar 26 2017 07:48AM

So far over 24,000 views well chuffed thanks all for your support since my las post i have had one of my poems, MY DADDY MY HERO" included in another anthology of poems titled inspirational idols.

By tripod1159, Oct 30 2016 03:17PM

0n th21st October I had the great honour of being allowed to narrate some of my poems at the launch of the V1P service in Lanarkshire. This service was launched to assist veterans in their transition from army life to a civilian one and also current veterans with all of the problems and hurdles common to nearly all forces veterans.

By tripod1159, Jun 7 2015 09:35AM

Wow great response to the webite in its 2nd year of being, i couldnt predict the level of interest it has generated when first set up. I have graduated to the EBOOk fraternity and you can purchase it per the link below. ALL proceeds go to Solders Of the Streets Scotland a worthwhile cause who do what our government cant and support veterans.


By tripod1159, Jan 24 2015 05:47PM

So far 10K visitors to the site but hey dont just visit leave a comment im still learning here so any advice or comments are always appreciated

By tripod1159, Oct 18 2014 08:38AM

Thanks all for the visits, please feel free to leave a comment good or bad ir you like/dislike what you read and if you know any publishers send them the link lol

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