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By tripod1159, Aug 12 2014 05:28PM

Over 6000 vistors to the website to date 6151 to be exact. Thanks for the visits feel free to leave a (clean) comment and come one at least one of these vistors must be a publisher or know one, come on give and old squaddie a break lol.

By tripod1159, May 25 2014 07:25AM

Over 4000 visitors to the site to date hopefully one is a publisher lol

By tripod1159, Apr 24 2014 05:54PM

Hi folks thanks for supporting the website, to date over 3,500 visitors and climbing you keep reading and I'll keep writing ( i hope) and any stray publishers that are out there get in touch pleeeeeeeeeeeeease (Does that sound desperate!!!)

By tripod1159, Mar 22 2014 09:25PM

Well done to the 117 solders who received awards fro their service in Afghanistan. Especially to CPL Connor Grant who featured in the above poem and received the Queens Commendation for Gallantry. Well done Connor.

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